What is the meaning of Janata?
Janata is a bengali word and it stands for people.
Who owns Janata Bank Limited?
Janata Bank Limited is a 100% govt. owned commercial Bank in Bangladesh.
When Janata Bank Limited was Established?
From 1972, Janata Bank was a nationalized bank and was catering the need of the mass business people until recently when it was corporatised (on 15th November 2007) as Janata Bank Limited.
Can I open an account with Janata Bank Limited?
Yes, you can open a savings, current or FDR account with any branch of Janata Bank Limited.
What is the exchange rate between US $ and Bangladesh currency (TK)?
One US $ is equivalent to Taka 70-71. The rate is flexible.
Can I send money home from overseas?
Yes, you can easily send money from overseas. Contact any of our overseas branches or e-mail: id-obd@janatabank-bd.com
What is ready cash?
Ready cash is a debit card facility of Janata Bank Limited, which enable the users to pay all the utility bills easily. It is a joint venture of Janata Bank Limited & an American International Investment Inc.
Do I need to apply for ready cash facility or it is just another version of my Janata Bank Limited account?
Yes, you need to apply separately to get the facility of ready cash.
Can I open an L/C through Janata Bank Limited?
Yes, you can open any L/C to export/import goods through Janata Bank Limited.
What is micro-credit?
Micro-credit is mainly for rural customers, who want to take a small amount loan for self employment.
Does Janata Bank Limited has overseas branches?
Yes, Janata Bank Limited has four overseas branches at UAE..
What are the latest loan programs?
The latest loan programs from Janata Bank Limited are to finance the IT sector, Ready Cash, Ghoroa, Consumer Credit, etc.
What is the consumer credit program?
The consumer credit is a facility for individuals to take small loan under leasing arrangement to purchase household products.
What is "Ghoroa"?
Ghoroa is a bengali word, which means home bound. This package loan is mainly for rural people of Bangladesh to make each family self sufficient through employment and income generation.
What Janata Bank Limited can do for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis?

Janata Bank Limited can facilitate quick remittance of foreign currencies from NRBs to their kiths and kins. Entrepreneurial NRBs can ask for software development loans from the Bank either as an individual sponsor or can participate in Joint Venture. They can also promote JB financed software products in Bangladesh. They can also invest in agro -processing industries and other thrust sectors through Janata Bank Limited.

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